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Mission Statement

Scranton Prep’s Christian Service Program is dedicated to providing opportunities that foster personal and spiritual growth, put faith into action, and instill compassion for and commitment to others in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Why do Scranton Prep students do Service?

The mission of the Society of Jesus has been, from its inception, to do all things “for the greater glory of God”. Service in the Ignatian tradition is an integral part of the Jesuit educational experience at Scranton Prep. Our students come from all over Northeastern Pennsylvania with a variety of gifts and talents that, we believe, are blessings from God. For this we are grateful. Therefore, in the spirit of gratitude we are called to serve others as is prescribed in Luke’s Gospel… “To whom much has been given, much is required.” Many graduates often refer to the fulfillment of their “requirement” as a lasting part of their Prep experience. It gives us the opportunity to be open to our growth and committed to doing justice.

FRESHMEN: Family and Neighborhood

CONTACT: Freshman Service Coordinator, Miss Kowalski

Freshmen are required to complete at least 10 hours of service. This service can be with or for family members, or can be for a neighbor in need of help (elderly, physically disabled, mentally challenged, etc.) Freshmen can help out by babysitting, tutoring, cleaning up yards, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, etc. or can invite a family member to participate with them in a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. Notice of service opportunities are announced and posted throughout the school year as they become available.

Click here for the Freshman Verification Sheet – due May 1, 2015.


SOPHOMORES: Companionship

CONTACT: Sophomore Service Coordinator, Mrs. Fitzsimmons

Sophomores are required to complete at least 20 hours of service, and are encouraged (but not required) to do so with other sophomores from Scranton Prep. This can include participation in activities sponsored by non-profit organizations within the Scranton area (Thanksgiving gift basket preparation*, Christmas Toyland Workshop, Race for the Cure, Journey for the Disabled, Church picnics, Prep functions, etc.). Notice of service opportunities are frequently announced and posted throughout the school year.
*Please note that sophomores will not be given service hours for participating in Scranton Prep’s Thanksgiving food basket program run by Student Council.

Click here for the Sophomore Verification Sheet – due April 25, 2016.


JUNIORS: Local Community

CONTACT: Junior Service Coordinator, Mrs. Donnelly and Miss Elgaway
EMAIL: and

There are many opportunities for juniors to provide service to the local community. Juniors are expected to complete at least 20 hours of service throughout the summer and/or school year. Each junior must arrange their service hours with the Service Director at the beginning of the junior year.  Students are encouraged to see Mrs. Donnelly or Miss Elgaway to arrange their service work by the end of September.
This manual is meant to serve as a guide for juniors and their parents in an effort to find rewarding and enriching opportunities for service in our local community. 
Students enter the junior year at a crucial phase of the service experience as a member of the Prep community. As you may or may not know students are expected to work in a community agency and perform tasks that enable them to interact and develop relationships with those they serve.
The junior service project must assist people who are in the most significant need in our community in keeping with our mission of becoming “men and women for others.” The idea is for students to engage in work which pushes them beyond their “comfort zone,” or allows them the opportunity to be active role models for the youth of our community.

*Although juniors are encouraged to continue their work at Prep functions, church picnics, and animal shelters, these projects do not fulfill their junior expectation.

Service hours are to be completed outside of students’ normal instructional hours - that is, the activities are to take place after school, on weekends, or during school holidays. All seniors are required to have their service hours completed and their signed confirmation of hours letters submitted by final exam week. Completion of all service hours is required for graduation.

Students should consider their strengths and weaknesses, talents, and gifts when considering their service project. The Director of Service Programs will help in this process, but students are expected to find their own project where they believe they can best help those in need.
Suggestions for service projects are provided throughout the school year. The next page is a list of pre-approved service agencies where many Prep students typically work, although the list is not exhaustive. In the event that a junior wishes to work in a setting that is not listed they must seek approval by the Director of Service Programs or risk their hours not counting toward their requirement.


Click here for Junior Service Proposal Form.

Click here for the Junior Verification Sheet – due May 15, 2015.


SENIORS: Local, National, and/or International Communities

CONTACT: Senior Service Coordinator, Mr. Bernard

Seniors are expected to complete at least 50 hours of service to the local, national, and/or international communities. Students must volunteer at a non-profit agency that serves people with special needs. Often students work with the elderly, physically or developmentally, economically, and/or academically challenged.
There are two options:
• Seniors may apply for one of the summer immersion programs. In their junior year they are invited to an assembly in the Bellarmine Theatre to learn about the options that are available to them in the upcoming summer.
• Students who are not interested in a summer immersion program or are not placed in a program will choose a pre-approved agency through Mr. Bernard.

The hours of service are to be completed with one agency unless otherwise agreed upon with Mr. Bernard. Service hours must be performed "with people rather than paper," meaning that seniors should not do office/clerical work or work which does not bring them into direct contact with people. This service must be completed either during the summer between junior and senior year or during senior year.


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